Dick Tracy : Dead or Alive

This year has been a busy one for Dick Tracy publishing and it looks to get busier.  Courtesy of IDW Publishing, Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive! is a four issue comic series that can be found in comic stores starting in September.   IDW Publishing, the publisher of the popular Chester Gould collections is backing the team of Michael, Lee and Laura Allred and Rich Tommaso as they re-image the illustrious crime fighter.

In Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive, our favorite investigator has lost his job after making the biggest collar of his career.  Packing his bags, Tracy heads for “the city by the lake,” ready to take on strange new villains and crooked cops.   Facing enemies at every turn, Dead or Alive promises plenty of gunfights and action.

Brothers Lee and Mike have joined forces to write the series while Mike also joins the art team with his wife (and favorite colorist) Laura.  Mike and Laura have a long scrolling list of comic’s under their belt but are probably most well known for Madman, iZombie and work with Silver Surfer.  Rich Tommaso brings his amazing pencils to the team and is known for some amazing artwork.  One of the hardest working cartoonists in the business, Tommaso’s works have an incredible thematic range.  Comicbook.com has a great article on the best of Rich’s work, but they might soon need to amend that list!

As stated before, the Dead or Alive #1 can be found in comic book stores in September and it will also be available on Amazon Kindle starting September 26th, and monthly after that.  You can also expect a full four issue paperback next April.  We can’t wait to review the first issue!

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4 Responses to Dick Tracy : Dead or Alive

  1. Michael DeBonis says:

    I just got my copy today and I gave it a good reading. Allred and his buddies did a great job here with everything! I am eager to see more!

  2. Jeremy Pothast says:

    I picked up a copy at the comic story and it was good. I was thrown off a bit at first by the artwork, but by the end I was liking it. The character twists and the end really have me eager to see what comes next.

  3. Michael DeBonis says:

    I just bought my copy of the entire graphic novel “Dick Tracy: Dead of Alive.” I am reading the whole book now and I love it. Way to go Team Tracy, and IDW!

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