Dick Tracy Forever arrives in April

Credit: Michael Avon Oeming (IDW Publishing)

Hot on the heels of their soon to conclude Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive series, IDW Publishing is at it again with Dick Tracy Forever, a new series written and drawn by Eisner award winner Michael Avon Oeming. With the four-issue series beginning this April, Dick Tracy Forever is described as “The proverbial Sisyphus, pushing the law boulder up the hill as he struggles for reason and order in a world with none. His attempts at delivering justice are met with crime and chaos in the form of unpredictable and absurd villains. But Dick Tracy will never give up trying, no matter the era or incarnation… even when his startling new case defies all notions of time and space!” (IDW)

Michael Avon Oeming has a growing history with crime-fighters, having worked with both The Spirit and Batman but this is first shot at Dick Tracy, whom he has openly talked about for over a decade.

“I’ve gotten to write and draw most of my bucket list characters, from The Spirit to Batman and more, but I never dreamed that Dick Tracy would even be a possibility,” Oeming said. “It feels completely natural and I cannot wait to show why he’s such a relevant character for all times.”

Oeming will be joined on the Dick Tracy Forever series by colorist Taki Soma. For the debut issue, Oeming will provide the main cover and a noir-inspired spot color variant, with the greatest cartoonist of all time, Kyle Baker contributing a special incentive cover variant.

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3 Responses to Dick Tracy Forever arrives in April

  1. Michael DeBonis says:

    IDW, Go Team Tracy! All are looking forward to this significant event. This is great news!

    M. DeBonis.

  2. Michael DeBonis says:

    “Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive,” was one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in a long while. I just purchased “Dick Tracy Forever,” and l am hoping it’ll be a great book. The artwork here is brilliant and true to Cheser Gould’s. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Good luck to Dick Tracy fans everywhere!

  3. Michael DeBonis says:

    “Chester Gould, ” l meant to say.

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