Dick Tracy Joins the Search for Annie


Tracy-AnnieCHICAGO (March 28, 2014) — Faithful readers who’ve wondered what happened to Annie Warbucks will learn all the hair-raising details when two of the greatest adventure comic strips of all time collide starting June 1 in the daily and Sunday adventures of “Dick Tracy.”

When last seen on Sunday, June 13, 2010, in the “Annie” strip’s finale, Annie Warbucks was in the clutches of the war criminal known as “The Butcher of the Balkans” somewhere in Guatemala. Although this notorious assassin assured Annie she wouldn’t meet the same gruesome end as his countless other victims, he warned her she’d never see Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks again and that for the rest of her life she’d accompany him on his deadly travels.

That cliffhanger left unanswered the fate of the courageous young woman whose globe-spanning adventures have thrilled millions since her Aug. 5, 1924, debut and inspired a Broadway musical and two motion pictures based on the show — the most recent set to hit the big screen Christmas 2014. Now, thanks to “Dick Tracy” artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis, fans won’t need to wonder much longer about Annie’s fate.

According to Curtis, it turns out that after some time spent fruitlessly searching the world for his beloved adopted daughter, Warbucks has decided to enlist the help of the only man who can rescue Annie: Dick Tracy.

“As a lifelong admirer of Annie, I felt the need to unravel her disappearance,” says Curtis, who’s helmed “Dick Tracy” with Staton since March 2011. Curtis’ previous writing credits include “Richie Rich” and “Casper the Friendly Ghost” for Harvey Comics.

“Joe and I have planned Annie’s rescue for some time, and we’ll deliver action-packed, over-the-top thrills and chills as the two features combine their casts for what we hope will be the most historic tale in comic strip history,” Curtis says.

Staton says this story arc is a dream come true for him. “Whether I’m working in the DC, Marvel or any other universe, it’s always a privilege to be standing on the shoulders of so many giants,” he says. The artist, who’s been drawing comics for many years and has more than 1,000 credits under his belt, is perhaps best known for his work with the Green Lantern series, for which he created several alien Green Lanterns, including Kilowog, Salakk and Arisia.

“Dick Tracy” was created by Chester Gould, and “Little Orphan Annie” created by his friend Harold Gray. Both are owned and trademarked properties of Tribune Content Agency. Fans across the country, as well as the industry, have given the creative team of Staton and Curtis high marks for having breathed new life into the iconic adventure strip. “Dick Tracy” won the comics world’s signature Harvey Award in 2013 for Best Syndicated Strip. The strip is produced by artist Staton and writer Curtis, along with inker Shelley Pleger, colorist Shane Fisher and technical consultant Sgt. Jim Doherty.

For more details, use our Response Form and we’ll provide you with contact information for Mike Curtis “Dick Tracy” writer and Leigh Hanlon, Associate Editor.  (I don’t want to post their email’s here for a spam bot to pick up)

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7 Responses to Dick Tracy Joins the Search for Annie

  1. Pequod77 says:

    Around the globe Punjab and Asp have sought the Little Princess
    Hither and yon, hill and dale, searching without success.
    Returning now to Warbucks they hang their heads in shame
    No clues to Annie’s whereabouts; Warbucks says the name
    Of the great Detective: Dick Tracy of MCU
    He and Samuel Catchem so good at finding clues.
    Daddy Warbucks desperate, he’ll reach out to a friend
    Find Little Orphan Annie, bring heartache to an end.
    If anyone can find her, it’s Tracy and his crew
    Courageous and tenacious, they’ll know just what to do.
    So rare for Asp and Punjab to receive a quest and fail
    A last resort for skilled support, Dick Tracy must prevail.
    For after him there’s only one who’s equal to the task
    Most mysterious Mr. Am, whom Warbucks dares not ask.

  2. Holiday76 says:

    Awesome poem Pequod77. As always!

  3. Pequod77 says:

    Warbucks, king of industry, vast wealth beyond all measure
    Of things his coins incapable: return of his true treasure.
    Annie’s a resourceful gal, accustom to life’s dangers
    Smart and skilled, so strong-willed, to risk she is no stranger.
    Trouble has found her many times, she’s always persevered
    Situation now most dire, she’s utterly disappeared.
    Warbucks at last learns limits of vast privilege and power
    Sleepless nights, a parent’s fright, desperation at this hour.
    Punjab and Asp unacquainted with failure or defeat
    Protectors of the Little Princess, this time they were beat.
    Sojourning to America, seeking help from the Detective
    Woe to those restraining Annie, these men are most protective.
    Now approaching Tracy’s town, Warbucks seeking aid
    Hat in hand, a troubled man, for Annie he’s afraid.

    • admin says:

      You have a gift Pequod, thanks for the Poems! I can’t wait to see how the Annie crossover plays out. – Jeremy

  4. Pequod77 says:

    Warbucks good at writing checks, it helps to have his money
    Since his Annie vanished there’s nothing he finds funny.
    Armstrong casts a jaundiced eye at Warbucks the billionaire
    Lets him buy Dick Tracy’s time for what the market will bear.
    Warbucks, he won’t miss the dough, he’d offer his last dime
    To find the Little Princess, her absence such a crime.
    At Police Headquarters Patton gathers up the pros
    To meet with Daddy Warbucks, whose desperation grows
    With each and every passing day that Annie is away
    Rumor has her in this city, so here is where he’ll stay.
    Tracy and his crew are now focused with precision
    On the plight of Annie, their course set for collision
    With the fiends who’d interfere with the welfare of a child
    They seek to secure justice, retribution won’t be mild.
    Lurking in the shadows, prepared to employ their skills
    Punjab and Asp stand ready to assert with force their will.
    Tracy and his team won’t rest ‘til they put right what is wrong
    To find and rescue Annie, see her back where she belongs.

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