Dick Tracy Volume 20 Released

DickTracyVol20We’re back!  So server upgrades can be tricky and you may or may not have noticed the Depot was up and down for about a month following a painful and worrying failure of the aforementioned upgrade by a hosting service once represented by Danica Patrick.  But, finally, the worst is past, and if we can keep Matty Squared out of our system we should be sailing smooth now, giving us time to talk about IDW’s latest Dick Tracy book.

Volume 20 of IDW’s professional hard cover Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy series is has at long last been released and is for sale and shipping now. Even though 20 hardcovers on a shelf take up a lot of space, we love IDW’s Dick Tracy collections and this volume, which reprints strips between February 20, 1961 and August 26, 1962 passes the 30 year milestone of Chester Gould strips.

In this edition, Dick Tracy embarks on an epic manhunt to track down the Brush (featured on the cover) and a million-dollar sack of cash―but with his foe on the lam without his trademark face wig, Tracy doesn’t even know what the murderer looks like!  The dauntless detective also encounters killer chimps and deadly panthers, protects Little Boy Beard from a deadly revenge plot, investigates a shady surgeon named Keip Choppin, and finds himself immersed in a forty-year-old cold case suddenly turned very hot. The strip enters its fourth decade as Chester Gould also presents a poignant story that rivals the “Model” narrative, when Tracy protects Junior from disturbing news about an important figure from the boy’s past.

Honestly, my favorite parts of these collections are the additional content at the beginning, and this one includes a look at the Dick Tracy television show and one of my favorite black and white actors, Ralph Byrd.  With only a few months in 1962 left, we are staring at a pivotal volume 21 that should kick off the Dick Tracy space period with the arrival of Moon Maid at the end of 1963.  It might be a hot seller and we’ll let you know when it goes on pre-sale.

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