Four Years of Awesome

fourFour years ago Joe Staton and Mike Curtis took Dick Tracy’s reigns from the retiring hands of Dick Locher and what a thrilling four years it has been. We’ve seen villains new and old, mixed together in original and complex plots that challenge the full detective crew, their friends and family. We’ve seen history and character development that has long been absent and seen crossovers, tributes and homages that help to pull in new fans. Each summer we look forward to the now annual summer blockbuster and subsequent Harvey Award nomination and win. Mike has moved the stalled Dick Tracy story forward with unrestricted direction and purpose and Joe’s artwork far exceeds anything we could have ever hoped for.

On behalf of myself and the Depot (which is myself), a big thank you to my favorite comic strip duo and the whole Dick Tracy team, including Shelley Pleger, Shane Fisher and Jim Doherty. The last four years of skillfully crafted crime fighting adventure have been a pleasure and I fully expect to be celebrating this March 14th anniversary for many years to come.

Happy 4 Years!

– Jeremy @ the Depot

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2 Responses to Four Years of Awesome

  1. Pequod77 says:

    Four years ago this very day, Dick Tracy resurrected
    Rejuvenated and renewed, vast differences detected.
    Thrill to see comic history, a classic back in style
    Lost track of Tracy years ago, Woo Gosh! It’d been a while.
    Now in the land of Tracyville, stories captivating
    Flaky Biscuits made some dough; Mr. Crime oscillating.
    Shared his deep dark secret with Hot Rize’s sister, Blaze
    Team Tracy so impressive, sets high the bar they raise.
    Kadaver such a ghoulish fiend, his side-kick the hot Rikki
    Blackjack such a Tracy fan, thus to harm him proves most tricky.
    Phishface such a sushi fan, well known to feed his face
    Sweatbox plain despicable, earned death for his disgrace.
    The Jumbler had a little dog, Crypto the loyal Scottie
    Venus, Queen of Blackhearts, a voluptuous, gorgeous hottie.
    Thunderchild, a wrestler wild, yet no match for the Mole
    Little Princess, lost and found, Daddy Warbucks’ life now whole.
    Gruesome, he took to the stage, his debut brought down the house
    Apollo’s back from Europe, coiffed and tanned, yet still a louse.
    Méliès deadly and debonair. Cross him, tremble and cower
    Angus such a violent foe, ‘til shot dead from the tower.
    The Nitrates love the movies, they make films to scam old fools
    Stiletta lived for her revenge, guided by misguided rules.
    Ghote and Sail did not prevail nor know what they had wrought
    Experiments with DNA, the consequences fraught.
    Few would have seen it coming: inexorable genetic drift
    Mysta’s rebirth ongoing, a supremely miraculous gift.
    Honeymoon, her closest friend, dreams of fighting crime
    Lizz deduces and kicks tail, her beauty so sublime.
    Gravel Gertie and B.O. increase the Plenty brood
    Untamable this offspring: demonic Attitude.
    To read J. Straightedge Trustworthy I would sail the seven seas
    My favorite tells of one bad pooch: infamous 88 Fleas.
    Look to see Flintheart in love, whistling a happy tune
    Feet just barely touch the ground, for Kandi he doth swoon.
    Sam and Tracy on the case, fighting crime provides rewards
    Team Tracy honored by their peers with two Harvey Awards.
    My hat’s off to Team Tracy, for all these things and more
    We loyal fans now clap our hands, voice approval with a roar.

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