Getting Funky

Today Dick Tracy begins to get a little funky with the Funky Winkerbean universe wandering right into the Dick Tracy world.  Things have begun innocently enough, Dick and Sam are on the way to Finley’s Pharmacy, last visited during the climax of the Jumbler case.  The Jumbler case you may recall was part of a Dick Tracy / Daily Jumble crossover in 2013.  Today we have a comic book auction for a Westview charity in the works.  Don’t see the crossover yet?  I’ll point it out.  Westview High School is one of the focal points of the Funky Winkerbean universe and even better, take a look at today’s Monday Funky strip, which features Funkyverse slackers John Howard (a comic shop owner) and Crazy Harry (I think, not an expert here) heading to the same charity auction!  It’s unclear how long the crossover might last, but it looks like Funky himself will make an appearance Tuesday and we may want to spend time reading both strips!


Read the full panels at and


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