Hermes Press to Publish Dick Tracy Graphic Novel in 2019

Hermes Press proudly announced today the creation of an all-new Dick Tracy graphic novel written and drawn by Dick Tracy comic strip veteran Richard Pietrzyk.  The story will take place during the 1940’s and promises to be a reboot in the mold of the classic years of the feature in a film noir adventure that holds true to the origins of the character.

Richard Pietrzyk has a rich artistic history that includes working on Brenda Starr, the Archie strip and Katy Keene.  But today we’re talking Dick Tracy, and Pietrzyk had an opportunity to work with Tracy creator Chester Gould doing lettering late in Gould’s career when Rick Fletcher was doing most of the artwork.  Having the chance to meet with Chester every two weeks, Richard was able to talk with Tracy’s creator about his characters and his art mechanics.  

Pietrzyk discussed those conversations with Gould in an interview on Hermes Press, here’s a sample,

“Once time I told him I had created a character named Pickle Puss, and PP looked a little like a Dill pickle with eyes, nose, and a mouth. And when CG looked at my interpretation of this character, he said, “Drawing a character like that in profile would be very difficult to do.” So he suggested that we go into the kitchen and get a jar of pickles from his refrigerator so we could determine the look and texture of a perfect pickle. There we were, holding it longways and sideways, try to figure out the best way to draw this character. And, of course, we were using a dill pickle for a model, which I thought was quite funny.”

Now we are excited to see Dick Tracy in another medium and most would agree it’s long overdue, but Archie Comics attempted a similar reboot several months ago that ran afoul of licensing issues.   So we’re going to exercise some emotional caution and not get to excited for the new Tracy comic until some more time passes.   Hopefully the spaghetti that is Dick Tracy rights has been sorted and everything is good to go for Hermes Press.

Richard Pietrzyk’s Dick Tracy plans to arrive in late summer of 2019.

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