Jim Doherty Minit Mystery Arrives April 28th

Before Mike Curtis and Joe Staton took over the Dick Tracy comic strip from a retiring Dick Locher in 2011, they collaborated on a Plainclothes Dick Tracy tribute site. Mike penned a Major Crime Squad story, Joe provided the artwork and law enforcement officer and writer Sgt. Jim Doherty contributed prose Dick Tracy stories. They we’re not trying to slip past syndicate copyright, that was clearly displayed, it was a work of love, and as it turns out, an audition for Dick Tracy.

Eventually the syndicate became of aware of the website, and while Plainclothes and it’s content was sadly discontinued, the team was asked to take over Dick Tracy from retiring Dick Locher. Of course we know they said yes!

Now those of you who have read Dick Tracy Sunday’s are no doubt familiar with the Crimestoppers and Hall of Fame panel at the start of the strip. Chester Gould started this signature of the Dick Tracy Sunday and Team Tracy has kept the tradition alive with Jim Doherty writing almost all of the panels from 2011 to 2016 when Jim took his leave to pursue other interests.

So it’s very exciting to have heard Jim Doherty is returning to the Dick Tracy team as the guest writer of a new Minit Mystery. Minit Mysteries are one or two week stories. Jim’s mystery will begin Sunday, April 28th. Knowing his love of early era Dick Tracy stories (we’ve published a few of his articles), I’m not surprised to hear there will be a 1930’s style to this Minit Mystery and I’m also excited to see Joe Staton take a crack at that original Gould drawing style.

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  1. Michael DeBonis says:

    Fans are really happy with what’s going on with Dick Tracy!

    He has been experiencing a huge resurgence in IDW’s recent comic book series and he has a very strong and a consistently interesting daily comic strip.

    But what fans also want to see is possible crossovers with such legendary superheroes as The Shadow, Doc Savage, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom and others…

    Will this ever happen? Dick Tracy’s fan base is absolutely optimistic about this! Crossovers have already happened in the comic strip with both the Spirit and the Green Hornet. Tribune Media Co. should keep their ears to the ground about this…

  2. Michael DeBonis says:

    “…what fans also want to see are possible crossovers…” I meant to say.


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  4. Michael DeBonis says:

    Dick Tracy did in fact have a very brief crossover with The Phantom, back in 2016, l believe. This was courtesy of Curtis and Staton. Their fleeting encounter was one that was well-delivered and it packed a punch. Curtis and Staton did a classy job, as is customary with their work.
    Who knows what is coming next?

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