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  1. Michael DeBonis says:

    Now that it is a new year, l wonder if the Dick Tracy team is planning to write any new crossover adventures for 2021, such with Tracy and Doc Savage, or The Shadow? Fans are curious…

  2. Michael DeBonis says:

    Are there any new Dick Tracy graphic novels coming out for 2021, by IDW, or anyone else?

  3. Michael DeBonis says:

    And please give our best to Mike Curtis and Joe Staton for always doing a great job with the Dick Tracy comic strip! We hope Mr. Curtis is recovering from his ill health, as of late. God bless them both in this new year.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Sorry, I don’t post much any more. There is a new IDW, Volume #29 coming out this month actually, but unlike normal, I don’t see an Amazon pre-order for it. I did find it on Barnes and Noble for preorder. This would be for years 76-77 which I think takes us up to Chester Gould’s retirement. I have an open question as to if they will do any more Volumes after this one since the strip moves on to a new team and I’m unsure on licensing rules.

  5. Michael DeBonis says:

    Dick Tracy fans are wondering what new is going on with the famous yellow-trenched detective. The latest Tracy plotline by Curtis and Staton involves a conflict with one sinister and sadistic Abner Cadaver. It is indeed a good one…but will Dick Tracy be teaming up with Doc Savage or the Green Hornet anytime soon? Perhaps a crossover with KFS’s The Phantom is in order…We shall see. Keep is posted Dick Tracy Depot!

  6. Michael DeBonis says:

    “Keep us posted,” l meant to say.

  7. Michael DeBonis says:

    Sept. 2021 will mark Dick Tracy’s 90th anniversary! We hope to see Staton and Curtis do a spectacular graphic novel to celebrate this grand occasion! I also want to mention The Shadow by Walter Brown Gibson also has turned 90 years old as of 2021! With one sensational character sharing much kudos with the other, what are fans to do but party?

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