Minit Mysteries to Return to Dick Tracy

In the 1950’s Harvey Comics reprinted the Chester Gould comic strip in comic book form. The Tracy comics also utilized a filler called MINIT MYSTERIES.  In them, Tracy or another fictional detective would solve a crime on one page, while the reader tried to guess who was guilty first.

On Sunday November 19, we present our first DICK TRACY MINIT MYSTERY, as the reader is given the same clues as Tracy and has one week to solve the crime.  And each Minit Mystery features the work of a guest artist.

CHARLES ETTINGER is out first Minit Mystery Guest Artist.  He has ghosted work at DC, Marvel and Dark Horse, and is currently working on a Superhero parody comic called THE TOWN OF SKYWARD.

Our first Minit Mystery takes place in DICK TRACY from Sunday November 19 through Sunday November 26.  The next Minit Mystery will take place in Spring 2018. 

-Mike Curtis

…we at the Depot are excited about this fun idea.  To give you a taste of the the original Minute Mysteries, here’s a sample from Dick Tracy #25, March 1950.


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4 Responses to Minit Mysteries to Return to Dick Tracy

  1. Pequod says:

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more fun from Team Tracy.

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  3. Al Capp says:

    Why not have a guest artist do a week of Fearless Fosdick strips as a Minit Mystery?

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