Mysta Revealed At Last!

MystaReadyAfter many months of speculation, hints and the new Moon Maid’s origin and identify have finally been revealed in Sunday’s strip. Theories included cloning, regeneration, replicant, robots, next-of-kin and all options in between have been made with the accurate deduction taking place on the Dick Tracy Yahoo Group about a week ago. As the details are coming out of Diet’s mouth as we type, we don’t want to reveal the secret without warning, so head on over to your favorite online source and find out who she is!  Once you’ve done that, keep reading!

So the new Moon Maid is really a genetically altered and brainwashed…Mindy Ermine, the runner-up in the Moon Maid look-a-like contest sponsored by Sunny Wheat.  Mindy was the daughter of Posie Ermine and perfume bootlegger and both were arrested by Tracy at the end of their case in 1968.

WillyCarlson007 on the Yahoo Boards has done all this detective work before us, but strip readers have been privy to several clues as to the identity of the new Moon Maid.  When we first saw “Mysta” her face was masked, immediately arousing suspicions and the mid to late 1960’s included a number of female characters with Moon Maid like body types.  (The Depot first suspected a brainwashed Notta Chin Chillar).

Soon Mindy’s mask was removed and we saw beautiful “Moon Maid”, empowered with her native lunar abilities.  But Dr. Zy Ghote was involved, known for faking the cloning of Mumbles.  Yet this new Moon Maid seemed prone to un-common aggressive streaks that were not normal to Junior’s late wife.  Her Sparkle Zap! and rage when daughter Honeymoon told her she had lost her magnetic fingers were remnants of Mindy’s personality coming through.  Mindy herself disliked Sparkle Plenty, the girl who beat her in the Moon Maid look-a-like contest and she was prone to violence as seen when she attacked Lizz with a pair of scissors to avoid arrest.

MindyasMindyThe tell-tale clue came when Mindy found herself on the Wheaton farm and came up with the an alternate identify, choosing the name “Mindy”.  Like the amnesia suffering Sparkle before her who had chosen the name Gertie, she subconsciously selected a name important to her.  Like most comics, Gould and those that followed in his footsteps rarely reuse even a simple name a quick search on Mindy points us to the 1968 story where things begin to fall in place.

As Willy has pointed out, even the artwork has pointed towards this result.  Mindy was grafted with lunar DNA, creating a genetic chimera and brainwashed into the personality of Moon Maid.  The third act was introduced with Vitamin Flintheart standing on a stage breaking the Fourth Wall to warn us of what was to come, an homage to the original Frankenstein, a pieced together monster himself.  Additionally, on the Wheaton Farm after Mysta broke down in tears, Sparkle went to comfort her in artwork eerily similar to what the 1968 story.  This was a really nice touch by Mike and Joe.


Sparkle Comforts Mindy/Mysta 1968 and 2013

The new Moon Maid has admitted to having no memory before she woke in the care of Dr. Sail and Dr. Ghote.  This could have been attributed to cloning or regeneration from massive trauma, but was in fact the result of a complete brainwashing.  We wonder if poor Mindy had a choice in the personality change, but we suspect the Moon Maid obsessed woman may well have volunteered.

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