Old Dick Tracy Radio

Dick Tracy - Ned Wever - publicity stillWhile we’re finally getting a chance to read a lengthier Dick Tracy adventure, featuring one of our favorite new villains, Abner Kadaver, I thought I’d plug the Depot a little bit. We have a nice collection of Dick Tracy Radio plays from the 30’s and 40’s and have been slowly putting them together for your perusement. With the exception of Dick Tracy in B Flat, which was an Army radio musical comedy, these radio drama’s were aimed at a younger crowd and honestly you need a fairly high Dick Tracy fandom quotient to listen to them. To make things slightly easier for the modern listener, we’ve also been compiling stories into single 1-2 hour-long radio streams with all the commercials cut out.  Dick Tracy and the Black Pearl of Osiris and Dick Tracy and the Purple Rider are now done.  So, if you’re really into all things Dick Tracy or old-time radio shows, check out the Radio section.

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