Dick Tracy Series Pilot 1967

In 1967, William Dozier, the producer responsible for the 1966 Batman television series, produced a pilot for a live-action Dick Tracy series, starring Ray MacDonnell in the title role. While the quality of the pilot (“The Plot To Kill NATO”, featuring “Special Guest Villain” Victor Buono as ‘Mr. Memory’) was slightly above-average, the series was not purchased by either ABC or NBC as ratings for the Batman series were dropping, and a similar series featuring The Green Hornet had recently flopped. To the networks, the “Hero Camp” or Batmania craze was dying, and they chose not to take a risk on another series.

The pilot is notable for the non-appearance of the future Jan Brady (Eve Plumb) as Bonnie Braids. Although cast in the role, she only appears in the title credits at the opening of the show.

An excellent article on the 1967 Dick Tracy Pilot can be found on http://www.tvobscurities.com/articles/dozier_dick_tracy/

Dick Tracy Pilot Opening Credits

*WARNING: Song in the Dick Tracy Pilot opening credits linked here is instantly memorable and will quickly stick in your head for hours on end and often return days or weeks later to do so again. Watch at your own risk!

Full Dick Tracy Pilot

Flattop and Pruneface Makeup Tests

Well known make-up artist John Chambers, known for giving Mr. Spock his famous ears worked on the Dick Tracy pilot and also used his prosthetic experience in two make-up tests for future episodes that would have featured Flattop and Pruneface.  Here are two surviving photos from that test.
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Lon Chaney Jr. as Pruneface

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Leon Janney as Flattop


3 Responses to Dick Tracy Series Pilot 1967

  1. RDP says:

    Had they gone with Pruneface, FlatTop, or Big Boy first, the outcome might have been more favorable. There was a rogues gallery of bad guys unlike anything we had seen in Batman. Furthermore, it was the perfect balancing act of campy and straight.

  2. Joseph Boyd says:

    Boy I sure would have like to have seen this version of
    flat top and prune face. What a shame. The best stuff is never made.

  3. razor says:

    Actress Jan Shutan was on Star Trek

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