Old Dick Tracy Radio

Dick Tracy - Ned Wever - publicity stillWhile we’re finally getting a chance to read a lengthier Dick Tracy adventure, featuring one of our favorite new villains, Abner Kadaver, I thought I’d plug the Depot a little bit. We have a nice collection of Dick Tracy Radio plays from the 30’s and 40’s and have been slowly putting them together for your perusement. With the exception of Dick Tracy in B Flat, which was an Army radio musical comedy, these radio drama’s were aimed at a younger crowd and honestly you need a fairly high Dick Tracy fandom quotient to listen to them. To make things slightly easier for the modern listener, we’ve also been compiling stories into single 1-2 hour-long radio streams with all the commercials cut out.  Dick Tracy and the Black Pearl of Osiris and Dick Tracy and the Purple Rider are now done.  So, if you’re really into all things Dick Tracy or old-time radio shows, check out the Radio section.

Mysta Revealed At Last!

MystaReadyAfter many months of speculation, hints and the new Moon Maid’s origin and identify have finally been revealed in Sunday’s strip. Theories included cloning, regeneration, replicant, robots, next-of-kin and all options in between have been made with the accurate deduction taking place on the Dick Tracy Yahoo Group about a week ago. As the details are coming out of Diet’s mouth as we type, we don’t want to reveal the secret without warning, so head on over to your favorite online source and find out who she is!  Once you’ve done that, keep reading!

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Pre-Order Dick Tracy Volume 16

ChesterGouldCollection#15For those of you collecting the Complete Dick Tracy collections, Volume 16 is now available for pre-order with delivery expected around March of next year. This assuredly awesome hardcover will reprint strips from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 and includes a number of great villains including Rughead, the enormous Oodles, George Ozone, Nothing Yonson and the young teenager, Joe Period whose story introduces us to a nightclub photographer named Lizz Worthington.  The collection also includes the return of Mumbles (last seen in 1947) and the beginning of the great Flattop Jones Jr. story.

Mike Curtis and Joe Staton Win a Harvey!

harvey_nominee_logoExciting news out of the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend where the Dick Tracy team, Mike Curtis (writer) and Joe Staton (artist) have won the 2013 Harvey Award for “Best Syndicated Strip or Panel” over some stiff competition.  The Harvey’s are a major comic strip award and our congratulations go out to the entire Dick Tracy team!

As has been noted in an earlier post, the Harvey Awards are leading comic awards (and a successor to the Kirby Awards) currently presented at the Baltimore Comic-Con. The awards recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art and are named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993), one of the comic industry’s most innovative talents.

Here’s a full list of this year’s Harvey winners :

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Breaking the Fourth Wall

In today’s Sunday strip, Vitamin Flintheart broke the fourth wall, talking directly to Dick Tracy readers to introduce the third act of the summer’s Moon Maid saga.  Channelling the opening monologue of Frankenstein (1931)¹, Vitamin foretells many changes for his friends in the coming story warns us to prepare our hearts for some form of calamity.  With the current arc’s focus on Sparkle, Junior, Honeymoon and Moon Maid we are worried.  Death of a loved one is rare but has happened before.


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