The Philadelphia Experiment and Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

twoTowersSo far we’ve just been teased but something fantastic seems to be happening at Diet Smith Industries. Joe Staton’s June 18th rendering of Diet Smith’s new tower project bears a resemblance to Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower. Funded by a Diet like predecessor, J.P. Morgan, Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower was a pilot plant for a worldwide system of wireless towers that could provide electricity wirelessly through the atmosphere and possibly control the weather and communicate text and images across the globe. Out of this world concepts in 1900 and exciting even today. Unfortunatly for Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi’s far cheaper invention of the trans-Atlantic wireless telegraph signal effectively ended his dreams of a wirelessly powered planet. While we are simply basing this theory on a single strip panel, this does sound like something Diet might be interested in. Plus it gives us a chance to plug our favorite Damn Interesting website where you can read more about Tesla’s Tower of Power!

Today (June 19th), Diet Smith told Oliver Warbucks and Dick Tracy of his plans to recreate the Philadelphia Experiment, an alleged 1943 military experiment involving invisibility, teleportation and possibly time-travel. There are many competing stories on the experiment, which involved enveloping the USS Eldridge in an invisibility field. This field was created by bending light around the Navy Destroyer. According to unified field theory, the process of bending light also bends space-time which can cause teleportation and time-travel. The USS Eldridge is said to have vanished from Philadelphia, teleported briefly to Norfolk Virginia and returned, with many crew members made sick, crazy or embedded into bulk heads. If Diet is trying to re-create this experiment, we wonder which parts he’s really interested in and hope he’s keeping his employees safe! I’m sure all these answers will be coming soon and we can’t wait to see what’s really going on!

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  1. Johenix says:

    The “Philidelphia Experiment” has a far wilder real world story.
    At the Philidelphia Naval Yard was an establishment known as “The Boiler Lab” where crews were taught how to opperate a ship’s boiler and make real steam. Next door was a mysterious windowless building containing a top secret machine known “the pipe organ”. It was a cluster of concentric vertical pipes, cast iron outside, then a copper pipe, with a stainless steel pipe in the center. Live steam flowed through the stainless steel pipe, cold water flowed between the cast iron and copper pipes, and URANIUM HEXAFLOURIDE GAS was traped between the cold copper and hot stainless steel pipes. Gradually Uranium 235 rose to the top and Uranium 238 sank to the bottom.
    Security realised that the engineers and scientists working there needed an explanation for what they were doing there, so a magic show illusion was arranged for spies. What the spy saw was a scene looking through a cheese cloth skrim and a plate glass beam splitter that allowed the view of the ship to fade in and out as lights were faded up and down. When the lights on the ship were dimmed, actors- playing sailors slipped into slits in canvas fake hull and deck plates, then the lights were brightened so that the spy could see the whole horrible scene and report it to Berlin, where the best NAZI scientists went on a wild goose chase for invisibility, not atomic bombs.

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