Silver and Sprocket Nitrate Going to Print

FilmPiratesComicTime to tune the car and find a map Dick Tracy fans.  Mike Curtis dropped fantastic news today that he and Joe will be producing a comic book featuring the first story of Silver and Sprocket Nitrate which the pair plan to give away at their appearances.  The comic book will likely debut when Mike and Joe hit the stage at the Baltimore Comic-Con where we are hoping the duo will win their third Harvey Award.

According to Mr. Curtis’s remarks on the Dick Tracy Fan Club page,

“…Joe and I have wanted to have some of our TRACY work in print for years. Those of you who know me, know that Carole and I were comic book writers and publishers for 15 years.”
“It will have several pinups and new art, and a new poem by the noted Poet Laureate of Go Comics Tracy page, Pequod!”

The pinups sound interesting and I wonder if we might have a nice one that looks a bit like this.  The Depot is also super happy for Tracy poet Pequod getting recognized for his frequent skillful contributions on the Go Comics Tracy forum and here at the Depot as well.   Congratulations Pequod!  Now if some of you are like me and live nowhere near Baltimore, keep your eyes peeled for conventions closer to home so you can get a copy.

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  1. Pequod77 says:

    Thank you for your kind words. It is an honor to be asked to be a small part of the exciting printing of the Silver and Sprocket Nitrate story. As comic fans are aware, Dick Tracy is a tremendous strip thanks to the considerable talents of Joe Staton and Mike Curtis. The two-time Harvey Award winning team is nominated for a third Harvey. Best wishes for another victory and hat’s off the rest of Team Tracy: Shelly Pleger, Shane Fisher and Sgt. Jim Doherty. What a great time to be a Tracy fan!

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