Sparkle Zap!

sparklezapcereals2Moon Maid ZAPPED Sparkle!!  Check out the May 28th strip to see MM (real Moon Maid, clone, someone else brain washed?) zap Sparkle Plenty in a bit of a cat fight  over Honeymoon and Junior Tracy.  Ok, really it was a sucker punch, Sparkle didn’t even see it coming and neither did we!

It was a fun day and after boarder Dick Tracy yahoo group Willy Carlson coined the assault on Junior’s wife a “Sparkle Zap”, Mike Curtis (DT writer) challenged a digital artist to produce a cereal by the same name.  Willy took on the challenge and gave us quite the cover!  A whole lot of fun and we have to admit interest in that Mysta doll as well!  Check out the yahoo boards on DT for a full sized version.

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2 Responses to Sparkle Zap!

  1. Pequod77 says:

    This morning I had me some Sparkle Zap
    By the second bowl I wouldn’t take no crap.
    Loaded up with sugar frosted caffeine flakes
    My eyes they cross while my shimmy shakes.
    They gave me a jolt, as promised on the box
    Wolfed down another bowl, which knocked off my socks.
    By the time I reached the free doll inside
    My stomach churned and my eyes they cried.
    Had to keep eating, so more I consumed
    Soon reached the precious “Earth business costumes.”
    Next I dressed my doll named Mysta
    A Lunarian fox, she’s a righteous sistah.
    She took me for a spin in Tracy Land
    Zapped poor Sparkle with a stunning hand.
    The bottom line of this sugar frosted rap
    Is get your own box of Sparkle Zap!

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