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Mike Curtis and Chowderhead

When I first started the Depot I was illegitimate. Documenting old stories, making lists of characters and using panel art, secure in my opinion I was lost on page 100 of most search algorithms. So my stomach dropped like a brick when I received a “To whom it may concern…” email from the TMS licensing department. To my amazement, it wasn’t a bad email. Instead I was told the current Dick Tracy creators had came across my little website. Praising me for enthusiasm, TMS granted permission to continue with some very minor legalize at the bottom of the page. I was (and still am) thrilled and I know I have Mike Curtis to thank for it.

How do I know? Three days after that heart-dropping email I received another email, this time from Mr. Curtis. “Hi, Joe and Hilarie are on their way home from the convention and took pix at the DT statue with Jim Brozman and Dick Locher. I asked him to send you the pictures when they return. Take care, – Mike” Yes, yes, yes I’m sure I replied.

Since that day six years ago, Mike has consistently kept me abreast with Dick Tracy news, dropping crossover teasers, convention notes and so much more. And I’m not the only one. Following various Dick Tracy groups, I see Mike interacting with all of them. Always friendly, always sharing. Take the Dick Tracy free comics for example. Not everyone can make a convention. Mike takes the time to personally make their day, sending comics to any who ask. As someone who’s done wedding invitations, that can take a lot of time!

Call to Action

Currently, my friend, our friend, Mike Curtis is having a serious health problem. He has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. The doctors don’t know everything yet, but what is known is that tests (and now more invasive tests) are expensive. Mike could use some help with those costs, he has said as much. Comic writers, Joe Staton unfortunately informed us, are not covered by Detective Tracy’s health plan.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help Mike out. If you can make a donation, or even if you are just wanting to support in spirit, I ask you to visit the page and see how things are going. Every little bit we do can help relieve some of the stress.

Thanks for reading,
Jeremy @ the Depot

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4 Responses to Supporting our friend Mike

  1. Michael DeBonis says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Please leave me a forwarding address where I can send a money order (via US mail) to help Mr. Curtis. I am not fond of doing banking over the Internet, so I avoid it. I’d like to make a donation. Mr. Curtis will be in my prayers.

    Best always,
    Michael M. DeBonis.

  2. Mike Curtis says:

    95 Acres Circle Greenbrier Ark 72058. Thanks!

  3. Michael M. DeBonis...a Dick Tracy fan... says:

    I hope you are doing better Mr. Curtis. I can hardly wait to receive Tracy’s “Only Time Will Tell.” Please leave me a post here, if there was a problem with my contribution.

    M. DeBonis.

  4. Michael DeBonis says:

    We hope to see more Dick Tracy news on this excellent website. Thanks to Jeremy for all his great work!

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