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Calling all Moon Maid fans, calling all moon maid fans. News just in that the electrifying Mysta Chimera will be very active in 2020 with a starring role in the story after the one beginning right now. That story, keen eyed Dick Tracy fans are deducing, will involve Splitface, a.k.a Haf and Haf. We also might get another surprise appearance, but I’m not saying any more.

I’m sure (super sure) I’m stealing someone’s thunder, but next summer we will also see a new Minit Mystery written and drawn by a groovy fellow by the name of Charlie Wise. Charlie’s been busy doing his own thing but is taking a time out to dive into the world of Dick Tracy. Can’t wait to see how he handles Moon Maid.

Baltimore Comic Con is coming up, November 18-20th. Baltimore is a big one, with a massive number of artistic alums. Our favorite, Dick Tracy artist Joe Staton will also be there. If you attending, make sure and stop by to pick up one of the new DICK TRACY PINS. I still need one!

As mentioned in the previous post, the ONLY TIME WILL TELL free comic, normally given away by Mike and Joe at shows will go to press in December. The Only Time Will Tell story is one you might remember, guest starring George Takei. This free comic will also include the Jim Doherty Minit Mystery. Can’t wait!

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5 Responses to This and That, Pins and Teasers

  1. Charlie Wise says:

    Thank you for the mention! I’ve been walking on air (and terrified too) ever since Mike gave me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    He and I have been working on what I think will be a swell Minute Mysta-ree.
    I hope you like it!

  2. Pequod says:

    This is great news. Mysta Chimera is my favorite character, along with her good friend, Honeymoon. Bringing back Moon Main was the best thing to happen to the strip in many, many years. Gould’s audacity in the 1960s led to several of his very best stories. I look forward to more of the good stuff from Team Tracy.

  3. Dennis Sisneros says:

    I am thrilled to know that Mysta. Will be back into the story, it’s been nearly 2 years. I have missed enjoying the bond between honey moon and Mysta. I have also been patiently awaiting to find out whatever happened to the lunarians from moon Valley. I would love to see a heartfelt reunion with honey moon and her lunarian grandmother since we never seen one with the former governor.

  4. Dennis Sisneros says:

    I am thrilled that Mysta will be back, it’s been way too long since we have seen her. I was worried she was being phased out of the strip. I am hoping to see more about her evolution as a Moon Maid and why the Lunarians had to flee Moon Valley. After so many years of Honeymoon being apart from her Lunarian Grandparents, I was hoping for more of a special drawn/written reunion between them. I just loved the Moon era, so hearing Mysta is back in a new story has me so excited.

  5. 60s Fan says:

    Great news!! Not only a starring role, but also a Minit Mystery by Charlie Wise? Wonderful! Charlie, looking forward to how you handle her. Lots of great Mysta scenes here (scroll down for the gallery):

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