Tracy Crossover Hits the Stands

DickAnnieSilJust a quick update for those who love to see our favorite detective making the news outside of a Wendy Wichel hatchet job.  The New York Times ran a story today (June 24th) on the Dick Tracy’s search for the missing Annie.  Those with a New York edition of the paper can find it in print on page C3.  (Hopefully Mike and Joe get a copy)  The rest of us can read George Gene Gustine’s article on their ArtsBeat blog here.  We here are particularly interested in what art changes we might see when Annie arrives.

The Time’s isn’t the only one printing some words on old Tracy.  Chris Sims of Comics Alliance has written an article on Dick’s quest to solve the mystery of Annie’s abduction cliffhanger, calling this the Crossover of the Year.  Chris writes from the perspective of a non-regular Tracy/Annie reader and just might make you chuckle.  Give it a read if you have the time.  Cheers.

6/28/14 Update

Sam Tweedle of Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict has a great interview with both Mike and Joe about the Annie storyline and how the strip is progressing.  As is always the case with Sam’s work, it’s a great interview.  Check it out!


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