George Takei in Dick Tracy

GeorgeTawaraColorThe latest Dick Tracy storyline has kicked off with a seventy year old murder mystery that stretches all the way back to a Japanese internment camp during World War II.  In this two month long story, Dick Tracy requests the help of an old associate, George Takei (George Tawara in the strip) and his husband Brad!  Takei stated on his Facebook page that he and Brad are “truly honored to be a part of it.” It’s been a busy couple months for Takei in the comics, in December 2012 he made a special appearance in issue No. 6 of Archie Comics’ “Kevin Keller.”  The fact that the strip is using an often glossed over piece of American history, Japanese Internment Camps, is very commendable and we can’t wait to read the story.

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Broadway Bates and Belle Return

BrodwayBatesAndBelleBack for the first time since 1932, Broadway Bates and Belle have returned to plague Dick Tracy once again.  This time Broadway and Belle have set their crosshairs on the new trend in Tracy’s hometown, costumed superheroes!  Follow the action at any of the online comic strips and get up to speed on the background of the two villians here.