Agent O’Brien

Agent O’Brien of the CIA called Dick Tracy to Washington D.C. to assist  him with receiving escaping East German spy Baron Von KluMeister from Europe. The easy mission when foul when the Baron’s granddaughter Gretchen was kidnapped by Russian agents, and then the Baron slipped away during an exchange.  While attempting to locate the elderly and brainwashed German spy, Agent O’Brien and Dick Tracy’s vehicle was rammed off the Jefferson bridge by Gretchen and two Russian agents.  The granddaughter had a terrorist mission of her own.  Tracy pulled O’Brien from the water to safety and the two called a copter to take them into the city, tracking Gretchen who hijacked her own media helicopter.  Tracy would throw a seat out of their aircraft into the rotors of Gretchen’s forcing her into a hard landing near the Rotunda.  There she encountered her grandfather, took an old bomb he dug up and tried to reach the Rotunda but it exploded early, killing her.  Agent O’Brien then took the remaing Russian Agents, Markov and Dimitri and custody and had Baron Von KluMeister deported back to Germany

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