Dick Tracy Volume 16 Released

DickTracyVol16FrontThe 16th volume of IDW’s awesome hard cover Dick Tracy series was released yesterday and at least one source, Amazon, quickly sold out of this hot item…which sounds like a good sign for the growth of the Dick Tracy fan base and additional copies should quickly become available.  This volume reprints the Dick Tracy strip from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 and begins with the villain Rughead returning from hiding out in Mexico to get revenge on a fence who betrayed him.  Violence and death follow.

The Rughead story is followed up by the return of another great Dick Tracy foe, Mumbles, who did not die as we were led to believe in 1947 but was instead rescued by eccentric millionaire George Ozone.  Mumbles, always looking for a way to scam money begins to tutor children Neki and Hokey while learning yoga and exercise from Ozone until he finds out about Ozone’s treasure cache.

Dick Tracy next faces his biggest villain yet, the 467 pound killer Oodles who is friends with nightclub owner Nothing Yonson.  A photographer working for Nothing, a woman named Lizz comes forward to help and nothing’s man Joe Period roughs her up.  Keeping her cool as she will for years to come, Lizz helps Dick take down Oodles gang.

The final of this volume is Lizz’s first case as she joins the police force and begins to hunt Joe Period for the killing of Mr. Pocketclip and night club singer Julie Marrlin, who happens to be Lizz’s long-lost sister.  Joe flees the in a classic chase sequence and joins forces with Flattop’s son, Flattop Jones Jr. and his amazing car.  The bulk of this story will come with the next Volume 17 installment and we can’t wait!

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