Old Time Radio in Kentucky and a Costume Review

Creative Art League of Jessamine CountySometimes I feel like Dick Tracy is regional and I’m in the wrong region.  If you live in central Kentucky near Nicholasville (pop 28,000), the Creative Art League of Jessamine County will be doing 3 performances of the Old Time Dick Tracy Radio play, “The Case of the Big Top Murders.”  The March 7th and 8th showtimes are already sold out but tickets for the March 14th show were available when last I checked.

The show involves a cast of 13 performers doing the April 6, 1946 radio play live for an audience, complete sound effects, original commercials and a pair of Frank Sinatra songs that should help extend the normal 30 production.  You can read more about it on the Jessamine  County Journal.

Many Dick Tracy radio broadcasts have survived to the digital age and the Depot has cherry-picked several for our radio section.  The Big Top Murders case, however, is not one of them.  Instead it has the distinction of being the only Tracy radio show with a full script easily found online.  The Create Art League is the latest to take advantage of this script.  Doing a Google search on Case of the Big Top Murders will reveal several amateur reproductions of the episode.

dick-tracy-boardroom_510Now if you are into fashion, costumes or are just a big fan of Warren Beatty’s 1990 film, Dick Tracy, Arts Illustrated magazine has an article on the vibrant costume design of the movie.  With its solid primary colors taken straight from the comic pages and the 20’s and 30’s gangster style, the Dick Tracy movie looked different from anything we’ve seen before or after.  While you will have to buy the magazine online or paperback to read the article, Clothes on Film has a preview I found worth reading.

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